I’m happy to announce that I won Gold last weekend at the European Design Awards  for the Sikkens Foundation (Sikkens Prize 2022, Piet Oudolf). It is already the thirteenth European Design Award that I have won.

This publication regarding the Sikkens Prize 2020 for planetologist Carolyn Porco, which I designed at the end of 2019, has just been published during the 2022 Sikkens Prize ceremony due to the corona measures.

The publication contains the laudatio and some images of the Cassini mission (circa 2004). Browsing through the pages on black paper, the full color images (with a layer of silver and white ink) mystically appear in the dark whole.

Design Academy Eindhoven / Ketter&Co, published by Onomatopee (available in Dutch and English)

This book presents the process and works by designers who were embedded in the former (penal) colony of Veenhuizen. Inspired by the unique cultural-historical, architectural reality of this soon to be UNESCO World Heritage Site, young designers, detainees, policymakers, and various other stakeholders joined forces. The project was an initiative of embedded design quartermasters KETTER&Co, was supervised by Design Academy Eindhoven.Based on interviews and dialogues, design researcher Shay Raviv examines which are the conditions and tools that will foster a successful and long-term collaboration between designers and a local community. Participants and stakeholders reflect on the project and the collaboration. Their insights are woven throughout the text in the form of quotes, lending the book various layers of interpretation.

In line with Veenhuizen’s philosophy of order and regularity, the structure of the book is principal. The orthogonal grid of the prison-village for instance, is reflected in the design. The book template is visible on every page in soft yellow and every element is rigidly positioned on the page. The vertical lines of the grid also refer to prison bars.

Folding sheet / poster for ‘Gelders Ondergrond Overleg’ (GOO). The Gelderland platform for soil-related issues.
Riso print on green paper. Commissioned by TwynstraGudde, quotes by Yuri Veerman.