I’m very proud to announce that my design works have been acquired by The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. From now on these (and future works) will be part of the museum’s permanent collection.

De Disruptia Dialogen exists of a series of short stories that reflect upon four social themes: Generations, Politics, Economy and Technology. The stories are combined with spreads that show us a shattered world: hundreds of images that were selected for this book were torn into pieces, the result shows a torn up version of the Dutch cultural frame of reference. As a whole these spreads are both chaotic as well as familiar; it’s the ‘End of History’ and the beginning of … who knows? The stories are written by Yuri Veerman.

I am proud to announce that my poster for the “Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival 2008” was selected by the recently passed away Anthon Beeke for his book ‘Dutch Posters 1997-2017 – A Selection by Anthon Beeke’. From 3500 posters, only 350 were chosen by Anthon Beeke for the book.

The Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival 2008 campaign in the city

Photographer Arjan Benning make some shots of flat beaten mosquitoes